Avocado Exporters in Kenya and how Kenya Fresh Exporters Ltd is playing a role in this.

Did you know that Kenya is the largest producer of avocados in Africa and ranked at number seven worldwide?  As, at 2019 Kenya had exported over 350,000 tonnes of avocado and Kenya Fresh being one of the leading exporters dominating in this market. In the past Europe has been the largest market for Avocado export. However, with the recent explosion of avocados popularity, the market is now rapidly expanding all over the world.

The primary export variety for avocados is the Hass. It is mainly preferred because of its fat content hence the best for consumption. The second largest commercial variety is Fuerte, which is best recognized for processing.  Kenya produces both and thirty or more varieties.

To meet exportation standards Kenya Fresh Exporters handle the avocados from when they are planted to harvest. We have local farmers who follow precise instructions in order to produce the perfect avocado. This means only using approved seeds, pesticides and even harvesting methods.




Once the required grade is acquired, the fruits are harvested sorted, freshly packed and exported. The grade varies from market to market since each has its own specification. This is from size to the extent of ripe. Since Kenya Fresh Exporters has exported avocados for years, we effortlessly meet every market’s needs without ever compromising on the quality.

At Kenya Fresh Exporters we are not only striving to meet this growing demand but meeting it at the highest standards possible.

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