Avocado Season around the Corner

Kenya Fresh team was this week on farms checking on the maturity status of the fruit. Good to report positively that the fruit looks good and ready for shipment in mid-February or as soon as the industry regulator opens the photo sanitary. Avocados should not be harvested until they reach a degree of maturity at […]

Fruit of the Month: Fuerte Avocado

The Fuerte avocado also referred to as the Green Skin Avocado is the second largest commercial variety in Kenya behind Hass. The skin remains green as it becomes ripe and ready for eating hence the green skin name. Fuerte avocados are pear shaped with skin that is thin and glossy which makes it easy to […]

Kenya Apple and Ngowe Mango Varieties for Export

The peak season for mangoes is here. To understand the hype surrounding mango season, you must have a bite of the pulpy wonder. Only then will you be able to comprehend. Juicy, succulent and pulpy, mango is a true star of the fruit kingdom. Make sure you get a taste of as many as you […]

Kenya Avocado Season 2020

News from the farm. Our Hass and Fuerte Avocado season for year 2020 is officially closed by the industry regulator. Following the exceptional good rainfall over the past months, the 2020 season was promising.  The tropical climate and different avocado growing zones in Kenya enabled Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters to have the avocado fruit throughout the year. […]

It’s the peak season for Jumbo Avocado and Mangoes(Apple & Ngowe)

With the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the produce export industry was affected.  A ban on freight services impacted the supply. After the ban was lifted, avocado and mango exports to Middle-East countries and Europe have increased. Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters is now shipping premium Jumbo avocados.  This variety is heavier than the Hass and […]

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