Kenya Avocado Season 2020

News from the farm.

Our Hass and Fuerte Avocado season for year 2020 is officially closed by the industry regulator.

Following the exceptional good rainfall over the past months, the 2020 season was promising.  The tropical climate and different avocado growing zones in Kenya enabled Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters to have the avocado fruit throughout the year.

The season for the avocados can be described in two ways, depending on which variety is looked at. Kenya mainly exports 3 varieties: Hass, Fuerte, and local Jumbo variety. The season for Hass avocado starts in March and ends in September and the season for Fuerte avocado starts earlier in January but also ends earlier in July.  With these seasons in mind, Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters is now exporting the Jumbo Avocado variety.

We have various supply zones and are therefore in a position to provide you with the quantities as required. As Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters, we are committed to maintaining the highest customer service as in previous years.

With the fast-rising global demand for avocados, contact us now to place a bulk order for Jumbo avocados reach us on +254 720 855 427 or  info@kenyafresh.co.ke

We thank you for the good conversations in the season and look forward to more successful ones in  2021.


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