Fruit of the Month: Fuerte Avocado

The Fuerte avocado also referred to as the Green Skin Avocado is the second largest commercial variety in Kenya behind Hass. The skin remains green as it becomes ripe and ready for eating hence the green skin name.

Fuerte avocados are pear shaped with skin that is thin and glossy which makes it easy to peel and eat.  The season for Fuerte avocado in Kenya has kicked off.

Fuerte is oily with a rich, creamy flavor and it is still considered by many to be the best tasting avocado. They are mainly used to make salads since they can be easily sliced and diced.

Current Facts
The Fuerte avocado is the original high quality California avocado, and it is so well known in the markets that the color and texture of its skin, shape of its fruit, and its weight and size are often considered a standard for judging other varieties.

Before Hass, Fuerte was the industry standard avocado in California. Fuerte is, like Hass, green when unripe. Unlike Hass, Fuerte is also green when it is fully mature and ripe. Prior to Hass, the major supply of avocados were green skinned.

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