Putting our Farmers on the Table

Kenya Fresh  owes its success to local farmers whom we support in return by providing them with farm inputs like seeds and fertilizer and technical expertise on good agricultural practices to help manage their financial growth. These initiatives serve in helping alleviate poverty within the communities with whom we work with.

When farmers get to work with Kenya Fresh , they are able to understand the best agriculture practices that result to quality produce. Agronomist visit their farms and advice on the best propagation practices.

Our agronomists and technical assistants have field days to learn and engage with our farmers. On such visits, they get to understand their challenges and discuss opportunities of partnering with Kenya Fresh .

We work with medium and small-scale farmers in different geographical locations across Kenya. The farmers benefit from the economies of scale through grouping them together for easier monitoring and management.

Our growers are the cornerstone of our operations. We have long-term production agreements with farmers. With our committed agronomy specialists; who use their expertise and closely monitor and train our growers on good agricultural practices leading to third party international accredited certifications. Together with fair and competitive pricing, Kenya Fresh is committed to helping them realize profitable farming support.

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