Growing French Beans for Export

Kenya French beans or green beans, like the rest grown around the world, do not resemble any vegetable as one seeing them for the first time might think they are just green sticks. French beans thrive well if grown in suitable conditions. In Kenya, the diversity in the regions allows us to take advantage of different micro climates and cushion against adverse weather conditions to ensure continuity.

Kenya is one of the prime producers and exporter of French beans. Kenya Fresh French beans are grown by smallholder farmers in Kenya where they are commonly known in native tongue as ‘Michiris’. If you want to start growing French beans for export, do some research. Carrying out research helps you to understand the varieties consumed and the best propagation practices to bring forth quality produce.

At Kenya Fresh, our French beans receive great care from the planting, processing and packing stages which guarantees a pleasing end product that is valuable to the body. French beans are a good source of proteins, fiber, minerals and vitamins.

Categories of French Beans

1) Extra fine beans: Are very tender, turgid, seedless, with no strings, and free from any defects.

2) Fine beans: may have small seeds and be short with soft strings, be turgid and tender. The are small, straight and narrow.

For French beans exports from Kenya, contact Kenya Fresh on info@kenyafresh.co.ke, a dedicated company in growing and exporting.

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