It’s the peak season for Jumbo Avocado and Mangoes(Apple & Ngowe)

With the occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic, the produce export industry was affected.  A ban on freight services impacted the supply. After the ban was lifted, avocado and mango exports to Middle-East countries and Europe have increased.

Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters is now shipping premium Jumbo avocados.  This variety is heavier than the Hass and Fuerte avocados. Jumbo Avocados are extensively used in making good salads and guacamole.

The demand for Kenyan avocados in the export market is steadily rising. The rising trend in the demand is fueled by the increased consumption locally and internationally.

It is also a bountiful season for mangoes, at the moment the Apple and Ngowe varieties are in plenty for the export market.

To maintain the export market, especially Asia and Europe, high standards have to be ensured. Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters prides in ensuring that the exported produce is of high-quality and safe for human consumption.

For fresh and healthy Jumbo avocados and fresh mangoes from Kenya, talk to our us today ahead of the fruit’s peak season to get fruits that are of high quality, handpicked, well-graded, and hygienically handled and packed.

To place a bulk order for Jumbo avocados and Mangoes(Apple and Ngowe varieties) reach Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Ltd on +254 720 855 427 or  info@kenyafresh.co.ke

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