For  any fresh  produce  exporters worldwide, growers are the most important people in the business chain. They are the pace setters for export business hence a need to empower and train for products sustainability and consistency to be upheld.

These training programs are worth investing for the below reasons:

  • Increase the farmers’ level of productivity.
  • Good quality of products.
  • Increase food availability.
  • Increase farmer income.
  • Increase sustainability of agricultural practices.


Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Limited value and prioritize our growers through investing in training program that benefits them.

These benefits include

  • Acquiring up-to-date information on how to grow food efficiently and economically.
  • Improving their knowledge of new techniques and technologies.
  • Providing them with any physical resources necessary for implementation.
  • Assist in interpretation and implementation of various standards for the industry.
  • Development of a food safety and quality systems.


In addition, we train our agronomist situated in different parts of the country who then train and guide the growers on production of safe and quality products. These training include

  • Youth group dynamic and Formation.
  • Group Management (Quality Manual System development and implementation).
  • Agri business development, models and entrepreneurship.
  • Agribusiness selection and Market requirements awareness.
  • Global GAP awareness, training, documentation and implementation for certification.
  • Crop protection.
  • Internal and external auditing.
  • Planning, budgeting and Group financial management.
  • Farmer Mobilization and recruitment for the company.
  • Training of staff and farmers on production methods.
  • Field support services on areas such as pest and disease identification, Pesticides usage.


We observe good agricultural practices leading to certification and assuring of supply all year round.


Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Limited train and educate our farmers, this is the investment of freshness we can bank on.

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