Agriculture is the best performing investments for decades. We are at peak yield and the world needs more nourishment. Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Limited as an agricultural export company that has invested in different agricultural produce. Avocados is something we are proud of ; we grow, harvest, package and export worldwide .

Kenya Fresh has invested in  avocado in different ways by growing their own avocados or sourcing from farmers. We also care for our customer because the Avocado tree has many health benefits, a whole array of vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. This is why we export universally because healthy customer requires healthy food for healthy business.

With us a simply natural investments offer by avocado it is nothing we can regret capitalizing on.  Avocado tree matures between 2-3 years, have a long-life span of more 50 years and you are guaranteed of the market for the fruits. The availability of avocados in Kenya is almost all year-round, except in December and January. This is why it is called the money tree or the early retirement plan because it grows on its own and it requires less work you just worry about the packaging and exporting.

With the Population around the world increasing and global demand for organic produce growing, it’s ever ending supply of goods. Avocado trees having a productive lifespan of more than 50 years, these trees could generate cash flow for generations of your heirs. The strength of this tree is that it grows on its own and also there are possibilities to intercrop the avocado trees with other crops like coffee, plantains and other agricultural products this provides an added value for the avocado  investors.

Avocado offers one of the best risk-adjusted returns possible. It is a venture opportunity and also means a hard asset. This is why at Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Limited avocados are freshness we are banking on.

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