If you are enjoying sugar snap lately it is because Kenya Fresh Produce Exporter has invested in producing the best quality in the market.Kenya Fresh Produce Exporters Limited will continue building Kenya export and fresh produce market with the best quality Sugar snap . With this investment it has brought upon employment to farmers and also a healthy world.

Sugar snap peas also called snap peas have plump, juicy pods with small tender peas inside they are a cross breed between snow peas and regular green peas. They are both sweet and crisp, and are best eaten raw, or lightly steamed, boiled or stir-fried. When growing snap peas, they are meant to be harvested and eaten with both pods and peas.

Cultivation of Sugar snap

Sugar snap peas are best grown after the early rainy season when the temperature is (7 C.) or higher. The soil ought to be dry enough to be able to till.

Planting seeds should be 1 to 1 1/2 inches deep and 1 inch apart, with 18 to 24 inches between pairs of plants or rows. Cultivate and hoe shallowly early on when growing sugar snap peas, so you don’t injure the plants.

Mulch around the plants carefully when growing sugar snap peas, which will prevent the soil from getting too hot in afternoon sun. It also prevents too much moisture from rain building up around the roots. Too much sunshine can burn the plants, and too much water can rot the roots.

Soil prep in the beginning consists of simple raking and hoeing. Minimal fertilization is necessary and less weeding is also required.

Harvesting of sugar snap peas

To when to pick sugar snap peas, pay attention to the pods and pick when they are swollen. The best way to know when your snap peas are ripe enough is to pick a couple each day until you find them to be perfect. Don’t wait too long because the peas can become tough and unusable.

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By Getrude Nzau (gmulux@gmail.com)


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